Born in Cádiz, Southern Spain, Aida Silva was inspired by the mix of cultures, colours and art traditions of her native homeland. She developed a strong interest in fashion at a very young age and continued throughout the years to come. In her thirties and, after working in different domains, she decided to pursue her dream and become a Fashion Designer.

Aida commenced her studies at the Grafton Academy in Dublin continuing for three more years in Formamod (Paris) and Chrysaly (Paris/Barcelona). Driven by her love for Haute Couture garments, Aida developed a passion for fine materials and fabrics, and they become the essence of her designs. Her dresses are made for a woman who is strong but delicate at the same time, very positive, very feminine but not clichéd and with a timeless sense of elegance and love of quality and details.


What is the process to create a dress?

- 1st Appointment: Choosing the dress and taking measurements. Aida will show you what options you have and advise you according to your taste and to your body shape. Once the choice is made, we will take your measurements and with this, we can commence the creation process of your dress. This starts with the toile.

- 1st Fitting: Aida will create a toile of your dress that you’ll be able to try on at this first fitting. A toile is the draft of your dress; it is a prototype made in cotton fabric that has a similar weight and properties to your final fabric. The designer will use this toile to make all modifications needed, and it will become the pattern piece. After this first fitting, we can proceed to cut the dress in the final fabric*. Please bring the bra and the shoes you will use on your wedding day or something as close as possible in shape (bra) and height (shoes). *Some designs might need a 2nd fitting of the toile.

-2nd Fitting: You will try on your dress now cut in the final fabric and we will do the last modifications to get the best fitting. Once done, we will proceed to the last stage of the creation of your dress. Please wear none or very little make up from this fitting onwards as we work with very delicate fabrics and we want your dress to be perfect for your Big Day!

-Last Fitting (3-4 weeks before the wedding): You will try on the final dress and our job will be done, you can take your dress with you and get ready for your Big Day!

How much do Aida’s dresses cost?
For the collection dresses, wedding dress price ranges are between €1,800 and €2,250; Cocktail dresses - starting price is €900.
For bespoke dresses, a proforma will be done after the first appointment and the cost will depend on the design, fabrics and the time involved.

What is the difference between a Bespoke Dress and a Collection Dress?
Collection dresses are dresses that are already created by the designer, fabrics were chosen according to the design and prototypes are already made for showing and the price is fixed. A bespoke dress is a personal project where the designer and the client will work together on the creation of the dress, according to the client wishes, body shape and inspirations, and the guidance and expertise of the Designer.

The shape, details and fabrics will be chosen together to create a unique piece that reflects the personality of the client. The price of the dress is fixed according to the work undertaken and materials chosen.

How many people can come with me to the fittings?
A maximum of two people can come with you.

Can I do my fittings at home?
We can try to accommodate this service from the 2nd fitting upon request and depending on the Designer’s schedule. Please note travel expenses will be charged. This service is only available in Dublin City.

How long will it take to make my dress?
Made to Measure is a long artisanal process, that’s why we ask our customers to choose their dress between 4-6 months before the day of their special event. For bespoke dresses, the minimum time required will be 6 months.

Can I take pictures of my dress?
Sure! But only if the dress is from the Collections. If it is a bespoke dress, pictures can only be taken on the day of the last fitting - we don’t want any social media hackers to ruin your super-secret design!!

Can I make changes to the Collection dresses?
Changes regarding colours or same quality fabrics can be done if requested at our first appointment. We will guide you at this stage of the process through our selection of fabrics to find the result you want to achieve and to get the best out of the design. If changes are done to the design and structure of the dress, an extra charge will be applied depending on the work involved.

How do I pay for my dress?
For the collection dresses a non-refundable deposit of €400 will be requested on the day you choose the dress (once we’ve taken your measurements), this amount will be deducted from the price of the dress. The balance will be paid in three instalments on the 1st, 2nd and final fitting.

For bespoke dresses, a non-refundable fee will be applied in order to start the design of your dress. This fee will be deducted from the final price of your dress. Please note that pictures or copies of drawings are not allowed to be taken due to copyright.


Aida Silva